Setting up LivePress for slack simulcasts

At this point you should have installed and activated the LivePress plugin. If not, go back to the Installation Guide and follow the instructions to complete these steps. If you’re an existing LivePress customer, make sure your LivePress plugin has been updated to v1.4.0 or above.

Next steps:

  1. Add the LivePress bot to Slack:
    Add to Slack
    You will be returned to this page after completing this step.
  2. Configure the Slack Integration settings from LivePress Settings. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings → LivePress and scroll down to the Slack Integration area to configure the following settings:

    • Your Slack Team Domain: If your Slack team is at then this would be xuku.
    • The Slack Channel from which you will live blog to this site, e.g. general.
    • The Slack Default Author, a WordPress user who will be set as the author of all simulcast posts initiated from Slack. You may wish to create a special user for this purpose. This user must have the ability to publish posts and create unfiltered HTML (typically, an Editor or Administrator).
  3. Verify your Slack channel:
    • After saving your Slack Integration settings, you will receive a verification code at the top of the Settings page:
      Make a note of this code.
    • Now go to the Slack channel you specified and invite the LivePress bot:
    • Now complete the verification by sending verify CODE to the LivePress bot:

Now you’re ready to simulcast your Slack chats!

To get a complete list of commands, send help to the LivePress bot.

Have fun! LivePress supports most Slack formatting, emoji, image uploads, tweets and more! Any questions? Get in touch.