• Live Blog When You Want

    Not every story demands a live blog, but when it’s time to cover breaking news or a high-profile event, LivePress is ready in seconds.

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  • Twitter Integration

    LivePress enables live blogging to or from Twitter and posts are automatically archived on your WordPress site — accessible at any time.

  • Unlimited Authors

    Covering a story or event with a team? LivePress allows multiple authors to collaborate on the same live blog post. Guest bloggers can contribute content to a post via Twitter or WordPress.

  • Blog Mobile

    On the go? Text your blog with LivePress! Create and update live blog posts instantly via SMS.

  • Engage Your Audience

    Live blogging is about more than broadcasting content — it provides a unique, immersive experience for readers. LivePress tools, such as realtime update and comment notifications, allow readers to interact with sites in realtime.

  • Live Blogging Tools

    Content isn’t created in a bubble. LivePress’s live blogging tools — including comment notifications, Twitter search, and author notes — help publishers capture the complete story, all inside their WordPress dashboard.

  • Customizable

    LivePress is easily extendable using rich action and filter hooks included in the plug-in. Developers can also access template tags to customize the look and feel of LivePress to blend with any WordPress site.