There’s no question video is rapidly becoming king of the web with the proliferation of smartphone devices, ubiquitous WiFi, and a growing preference among audiences to lean back and watch, rather than lean in and read.

Given this, it’s easy for some to think that live streaming video will eventually eclipse text-driven live blogs as the medium of choice for writers covering breaking news and live events. Are the two mediums truly competitors, though? Why can’t they live in harmony?

LivePress believes the future of live reporting relies on both video and text, with the most successful publishers blending the two to create engaging content experiences that are searchable, accessible, and multifaceted.

Bandwidth and Device Compatibility Concerns

The quality of your audience’s video viewing experience is completely dependent on the devices and internet connections they use to view video, elements publishers have no control over. A slow internet connection could mean that your audience is unable to view live streaming video at all. If your streaming vendor provides the video file in a Flash format (like UStream), iOS users, and even some desktop users, will be unable to view the video due to device incompatibility issues.

Even producing a live video stream requires access to considerable bandwidth and specialized equipment, which writers can rarely count on in the field. Would you stake your organization’s ability to relay information to your audience in real time on network bandwidth and device compatibility issues you can’t control?

Content Discovery

While search engines have come a long way in regards to effectively indexing video content, the fact remains that search engines simply can’t crawl or index the rich visuals and audio hiding in a video file. Limiting live reporting to a video-only format severely reduces a story’s potential SEO value and prohibits readers from quickly identifying a story’s key highlights, since no textual narrative is provided with the video.

Mix Mediums

It’s clear that live video streaming alone is a poor replacement for live blogging when covering breaking news or live events. Text-based live blogging solutions that also support multimedia content, like LivePress, eliminate the trade-offs that come with committing to a single medium. With LivePress, writers can easily include images, video clips, embeds, and text in any live blog update, making live reports more dynamic for readers without sacrificing the content’s accessibility and searchability.

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