Most writers are creatures of habit. They prefer certain keyboards, specific operating systems, and software that doesn’t require much study. Their energy is best spent creating captivating content and engaging with readers, not tinkering with embed codes or learning new third party applications. Unfortunately, most live blogging applications don’t recognize this, offering clunky content management interfaces that are vastly different from those writers use every day.

Imagine being told: “We love what you do. We’d like you to do what you do, but do it using a completely different toolset than the one you use everyday and are most comfortable with. Oh, and you’ll also need to do this live. Okay?” Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, it’s one that writers have been coping with for a long time when managing live blogs.

For publishers using WordPress, however, the nightmare is finally over. LivePress, a full feature live blogging plug-in, integrates seamlessly with any WordPress site, includes a suite of real-time writing tools, and is available for purchase today.

Easy Setup and Integration

Other live blogging services, such as CoveritLive and Scribblelive, host live blogs on custom third party applications and require code to be pasted into WordPress posts each time you want to live blog. This can be a time intensive process and isn’t conducive to covering breaking news, which can happen in an instant. These applications also introduce complexity when writers want to reuse or distribute live blog updates after an event is over, since the content is stored in a third party application, rather than on the site. LivePress’s native integration with WordPress eliminates these hurdles.

LivePress is installed just like any other popular WordPress plug-in. Simply follow the standard plug-in installation instructions to upload LivePress to any WordPress site through FTP or the WordPress Dashboard. After that, activate the LivePress plug-in from the Plug-in panel of the Dashboard, enter the API key provided upon purchase, and start live blogging. LivePress can be activated in an instant using the Status option in the WordPress toolbar and each live update is managed and stored within WordPress. LivePress will work with most themes out of the box and the plug-in includes template tags to allow theme developers to easily customize the look and feel of live blog posts for more custom themes.

An Interface Publishers Already Know

Praised as one of the most publisher-friendly content management systems on the web, there’s no question that writers love managing their content using WordPress’s native interfaces and functionality. LivePress extends WordPress’s native WSIWYG editor with an “Enhanced” tab that enables writers to live blog using the text editor they’re already familiar with. Button styles, meta boxes, and settings options are all designed using WordPress’s user interface style guide, allowing LivePress to blend seamlessly into the WordPress Dashboard experience.

All In One

When using LivePress, nothing is more than two clicks away. Writers can easily manage remote authors (via Twitter), research social media chatter related to the topic they’re covering, and engage with reader comments, all while continuing to create and publish content. LivePress transforms the post creation screen into a full-fledged live blogging publishing suite, allowing writers to research, create, and publish live blog updates all within WordPress.

Built for Enterprise Needs

Dedicated server resources optimized to handle the workload associated with real-time publishing and reader engagement and a robust API make LivePress the first scalable live blogging plug-in for self-hosted WordPress sites. Big publishers can rest easy knowing their writers’ popular live blogs will continue to work flawlessly, regardless of site traffic levels. LivePress’s premium white label options offer monetization and customization opportunities that will keep publishers on the leading edge of real-time content creation and distribution.

Interested in learning more about LivePress and how live blogging could help your site? Check out our Features page or get in touch.

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